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Criticalista: It Came from Outer Space


It Came from Outer Space

Some buildings are built from the ground up, while others are flown to their site and lowered from the air with the help of aliens and flying saucers. This hotel in Barcelona's Raval neighbourhood is an example of the latter. Before it was lowered into place, the ground had to be cleared of obstacles (buildings, inhabitants, etc.)...for safety, of course. This part took the longest, as there was one neighbour who resented having to make way for progress. But once he was gone, it didn't take very long for this building to make its magical appearance on the cleared slate, er site. It happened one night during an important Barça game, when nobody was on the street. There was barely any noise, only a few strange lights, and voilà. As soon as the building was gently lowered to the ground, the spaceship was gone. Some workers tightened a few bolts, connected some cables and pipes, and that was it. Oh, shortly before the hotel opened, there was one last clean-up operation: a police round-up of suspected delinquents in the Raval whose activities had been repeatedly denounced throughout many years by residents. The hotel has been around for over a year now. At night, its red lights pay homage to the prostitution trade that flourishes in the area, in spite of efforts by the authorities to the contrary. Thanks to these generous aliens, and the collaboration of friendly monsters, the Raval is now hipper and safer. Benches placed by the Ajuntament de Barcelona for gazing at this object from (its) outer space.

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