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Criticalista: The SuperSize of EuroVegas


The SuperSize of EuroVegas

The size of EuroVegas in comparison to the city of Barcelona
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This map shows what's wrong with the EuroVegas proposal. Barcelona does not have much farmland left within its metropolitan area. To turn among the last remaining 800 hectares of this valuable resource into a Vegas-styled theme park is plain stupidity. 

All the more worrisome, then, that someone like Ferran Adriá (that's right, the famous chef) would come out publicly stating that he supports the EuroVegas proposal. Shouldn't he be more concerned about the quality and provenance of his fruits and vegetables than giving a helping hand to one of the world's biggest gambling magnates? What bad taste on the part of Adriá. How disappointing.

Oh well, there goes the neighborhood.

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