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Bullshit Island

"Barcelona Island will be an out of this world experience for all guests of ‘Mobilona Space Hotel’ who wish they could travel to distant galaxies. The man-made island in Barcelona will be built by a multinational consortium under the leadership of Mobilona's Global CEO Jerome Bottari and represents an initial investment projected at €1.5 billion. Mobilona is committed to improving the climate by operating Barcelona Island with zero carbon emissions and by producing green energy for the people of Barcelona." [emphasis added]


  1. First the cullons build a lame ass copy of a lame ass hotel in Dew-buy and now they are coping the sinking in their own sewage palm tree shaped turds... which is stoopider... to be the first to make poop or to see that it is poop and then copy it. If the Cagalans know one thing it is feces. Tio caga for president.

  2. Is this actually approved and happening? I thought there was more sense in Europe when it came to this kind of nonsense.... this would certainly prove otherwise.

  3. Rebecca: no, according to El País it has not been approved.

  4. Carmela Torró Micó23/5/13 15:30

    And less hope it will never be approved, like the one in Valencia:

    Search in google 'Luna Isla Valencia' and see what you find